2017 Bear Silhouette Shirt - Only Available in Size XS & S

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This soft 2017 Bear Silhouette Glacier National Park Shirt is made of a Cotton and Polyester blend.


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Grizzly Bears

Ursus arctos
Once abundant throughout the American West, grizzly bears today live only in five distinct recovery areas in the lower 48 states and in sparsely inhabited areas of Canada. Omnivores, more than 90% of their diet consists of grass, roots, berries, pine nuts, acorns, mushrooms, insects, and larva; while occasionally preying on larger animals. At well-defined times of the year they binge on ladybird beetles, army cutworm moths and whitebark pine nuts. Winter-killed carrion supplements their spring diet with much-needed protein. The chronology of when these foods are available is a learned behavior that is passed from the sow to her cubs. During the winter months, when food is nearly nonexistent, bears will hibernate, living off fat reserves.