The Organization

The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the official non-profit fundraising partner for Glacier National Park. The Conservancy enriches the Glacier National Park experience by providing strategic investment in preservation, education and research programs that meaningfully engage visitors and supporters, sustaining Glacier’s heritage for generations to come.

The Conservancy was established in 2013, following the merger of two respected organizations; Glacier Natural History Association, and Glacier National Park Fund. The Conservancy programs and events extend the mission internationally, from its base camp in beautiful Flathead Valley. The Conservancy operates retail bookstores within and outside the park setting, all in support of park programs. The Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

For information about applying to jobs in Glacier with the National Park Service, follow this link.

Current Positions


The Conservancy is the official non-profit fundraising partner for Glacier National Park. One of the ways we raise money to support important projects and programs is by operating four Park Stores. We hire about 30 seasonal employees for our summer retail operation. It’s retail with a mission statement!

Available positions include:

Our Park Store locations include the Historic Belton Train Depot (West Glacier), Apgar Visitor Center, Logan Pass Visitor Center, and St Mary Visitor Center. We offer a wide range of products, including books, maps, t-shirts, bear spray, postcards, ornaments, magnets, and more.

The season runs April – October, with the busiest time being mid-June – September.  We have some flexibility with our dates of employment. Please note that we do not have any positions that end in August, and most of our positions go through the end of September. Most seasonal employees work about 40 hours/week, but we do hire a few part-time employees.

For those who need housing, we have two employee houses where limited space is available for a modest fee deducted from your paycheck. We can also help secure a limited number of trailer sites at reasonable monthly rates. Local applicants are encouraged to apply as well. Please note that employees who receive housing assistance from GNPC must be available to work full time.

Join our team to help support important projects in Glacier Park and to enjoy a summer exploring the beautiful landscapes that make this a truly special place!

Our positions are filled for 2023, but if you are interested in a position for Summer 2024, please submit an application below for later consideration!

For more information about joining the retail team, contact:

Renee Metcalf

Glacier National Park Conservancy
PO Box 310
West Glacier, MT 59936
Email:  renee@glacier.org
Phone: (406) 888-5756