Glacier Conservancy COVID-19 Update

April 10, 2020

Status of the Glacier Conservancy

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each of us in a significant way, and will continue to impact us in ways we may not be able to anticipate. At the Glacier Conservancy, we are facing forward to meet this challenge and remain focused on our mission to help preserve Glacier National Park for future generations. Thanks to you and your support, our financial position remains strong. Our responsible financial strategy means we are in an advantageous position to weather this challenge, and it enables us to say “yes” when the park asks for our help. None of this is possible without you – thank you! We’ll meet this current challenge the way we’ve met other challenges – together. Thank you for your steadfast support. 

Bring Glacier to You

While the park is closed you can still connect to Glacier through our blog updates and on Instagram @glacierconservancy and Facebook @glaciernationalparkconservancy