Jobs at Glacier with

the National Park Service

Jobs at Glacier with the National PArk Service

The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the official non-profit fundraising partner for Glacier National Park. This page is a resource for jobs with the National Park Service, which manages Glacier National Park. These positions are with our partner, not with the Glacier National Park Conservancy.


The Glacier National Park Conservancy funds a number of internship opportunities through Glacier National Park. Information about internships at Glacier can be found here.

 We also support internships through the AmeriCorps American Conservation Experience (ACE), those openings can be found on the ACE website


Jobs at Glacier with the National Park Service are posted on and applications are only taken online. Seasonal jobs are typically posted in late fall, but positions may be posted at any time as vacancies occur. Frequently job postings are only open until a certain number of applications are received, which can mean the posting is open for as little as 24 hours. To ensure you don’t miss any job postings, it is recommended to sign up for email alerts to be notified when a job is posted.

To sign up for email alerts about jobs in Glacier, follow this link and click “Save this search” in the blue box at the top of the search results. From there, you will need to make an account or sign in to finish setting up your email alerts. Because of the short turnaround time, you might consider creating your USAjobs profile and creating/uploading your resume in advance. There is no cost to creating a USAJobs profile, and having one ready should a job come up will ensure that you will be able to submit your applications quickly.

The time period between application submission and contact by the park hiring official can be lengthy because of the volume of positions being hired every spring.

volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at Glacier National Park are coordinated by the Glacier National Park Volunteer Office. Read about volunteer opportunities here. More information about volunteering is also available on the website of the Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates, Glacier’s non-profit partner for volunteers.

For more information about working for Glacier National Park contact: