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If you’re looking for the “Alpine Glacier Experience”, the Siyeh Pass won’t disappoint. Starting at Siyeh Bend along Siyeh Creek, you follow the bubbling creek shortly and then head into the cool shade of the forest. As the trees begin to break out into meadows, the trail splits. One direction heads to Piegan Pass while the other heads up towards Siyeh Pass.

You begin to ascend into an area called Preston Park that is famous for its incredible alpine flower meadows. As you gain elevation, your head constantly looks around to see the wonderful mountains surrounding you. Mt. Siyeh towers on the north side of the area and is one of the Park’s six peaks over 10,000 ft. In the distance to the west, you can see Piegan Glacier on the northeast face of the summit. Preston Park is the perfect stop for lunch.

You wrap around Matahpi Peak as you go over Siyeh Pass and look into the Boulder Creek drainage and Goat Mountain to the east. Once at the pass, you can watch alpine birds such as Gray-crowned Rosyfinches and American Pipits as well as Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep as you gaze at the back side of Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and the Sexton Glacier.

From there, you have the long descent along Baring Creek as you head towards Sunrift Gorge and Going-to-the-Sun Road and the end of the trail.

This is a strenuous hike that is 10.3 miles long with 2,240 ft of elevation gain.

What to bring and details: Weather conditions in Glacier are often unpredictable and can change rapidly no matter what time of year – so please be prepared for any type of weather. We will hike regardless of weather – rain or shine. We suggest that you bring the following:

  • backpack
  • at least two liters of water
  • snacks and a sack lunch
  • hat
  • rain gear
  • warm jacket and pants
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • bear spray
  • camera and whatever else you might need!

Meeting time will be 8am at the GNPC office at 402 9th Street West, Columbia Falls, MT 59912 and will take most of the day.

Please call 406-892-3250 or drop us a line on our Contact Page if you would like to attend.