Glacier Zoom Backgrounds

Why work from home when you can work from Glacier?

Share your love for Glacier with Zoom backgrounds

Whether you’re working from home, attending online yoga classes or planning your next trip to Glacier with friends, you can still virtually meet in Glacier. Take yourself to Logan Pass, St. Mary or along the path of a grizzly bear with a Glacier Zoom background.

How to use on Zoom:

1. Download image. Right-click and select “Save Image.”

2. Launch Zoom. At the bottom of the screen click ^ next to “Start Video.”

3. Select “Choose Virtual Background.”

4. Click the + next to “Choose Virtual Background” and locate the saved image.

5. Uncheck the box that says “Mirror my video.”

St Mary Entrance Sign

St. Mary Entrance

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Going to the Sun Mountain

Going-to-the-Sun Mountain from Logan Pass

Cracker Lake

Cracker Lake

Calypso Bulbosa

Calypso Bulbosa – Fairy Slipper

Photos: NPS

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Artículo de Empleado: Mary Kate

Artículo de Empleado: Mary Kate

My favorite night happened late into September — I had just fallen asleep when the sound of my roommates whispering down the stairs woke me up. They called my name, telling me to come out onto the porch between fits of giggles. I bundled up as quickly as I could, wrapping myself in a blanket and hustling out to meet them.