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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, this month we are highlighting sustainability-driven projects that are making a big impact on preservation initiatives in Glacier National Park.

As climate change continues to present more challenges to our livelihoods and our world, the National Park Service is executing strategies that reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable stewardship.

From increasing recycling awareness, to encouraging electric vehicle use, Glacier National Park is implementing projects that maintain a commitment to preserving the pristine ecosystem of this majestic place. Your donations to the Glacier Conservancy make these important eco-friendly projects possible!

Increasing Recycling Awareness

In Montana, the availability of services for recyclable items like glass and plastic is very limited. Changes in the availability of recycling nationally has also caused a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the park’s recycling efforts.

To boost the success of Glacier’s recycling program and increase recycling awareness, park staff are improving communication with visitors about the specifics of park recycling.

The park is also committed to finding long-term solutions that divert more waste from landfills. This project aims to increase the rate of recycling in Glacier by over thirty percent, benefitting the environment and improving waste management in the park.

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Going Green with Electric Vehicles

Around the world, fossil fuel consumption is one of the greatest contributors to our carbon footprint. To reduce the carbon footprint of Glacier’s vehicle fleet, the park is taking action by reducing fleet impact and encouraging electric vehicle use.

Thanks to your donations, this project will install electric charging locations in visitor centers throughout the park, and purchase electric carts to replace gas-powered vehicles in three pilot public campgrounds.

Messaging at the new electric charging stations will also help raise awareness about the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of transportation in Glacier and beyond.

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Ride Instead Of Drive

Spring is always a special time in Glacier. Everything seems to come to life throughout the park. Rivers and streams swell, trails begin to emerge from under a blanket of snow, and wildlife becomes more active and visible.

While the Going-to-the-Sun Road is still closed to vehicles, the Conservancy-funded hiker biker shuttle typically makes the park more accessible during this special time by providing fare-free shuttle service from Apgar Visitor Center to Avalanche Campground.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, this year presents new challenges to the availability of services in Glacier. However, there are still opportunities to explore our own neighborhoods’ outdoor spaces. To celebrate the season despite these tough times, the Glacier Conservancy is teaming up with REI to give away a bike to one lucky winner this spring. We hope this inspires you to get outside where you can while we anxiously wait for the park to reopen!

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Committing To Renewable Energy

Glacier National Park prides itself in limiting consumption of nonrenewable resources, like oil and coal, in favor of more renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric and photovoltaic (solar) power.

In maintaining Glacier’s commitment to renewable energy use, this project will provide much-needed updates to the park’s existing solar power systems at Granite Park Chalet and the comfort station at Grizzly Point, a highly visited stop along Going-to-the-Sun Road.

At Granite Park Chalet, the upgrade will ensure that emergency radios, communications equipment, and maintenance equipment can all remain in proper working condition. The updates will also improve safety and allow the park to better serve thousands of visitors who hike to the chalet every day during the summer season. This project is made possible thanks to additional funding from Flathead Electric Cooperative.

Glacier’s Sustainability Plan

Aprende más about Glacier’s sustainability plan, and how these projects are establishing Glacier as a leader in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

By working together, Glacier’s staff, partners, and visitors can all help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and preserve the park for generations to come.

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These projects and many other critical projects would not be possible without your donations to the Glacier Conservancy.

Aprende más about how your support is making other preservation projects possible in Glacier National Park!