Funding Transportation for School Field Trips

Kids with Ranger at Avalanche Lake

This project is partially funded. $6,057.16 is still needed to fund this project in full.

This project will provide funding for schools participating in Glacier National Park ranger- and staff-led field trips to apply for travel grants. As many as 30% of the schools  that participate in park education programs are no longer able to pay for the buses and thus, cannot participate in the education programs.

In addition, there is an increased interest in schools wanting to visit from a greater distance, but only if they receive transportation assistance. Although all of the schools are within a one-day drive to the park, many of the schools receiving these travel grants last year estimated that 50% or more of their students had never been to Glacier National Park.

By removing the barrier to transportation costs, this program ensures that approximately 2,500 students, teachers and chaperones are able to participate in Glacier field trips each year.


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July 11, 2017