Glacier in Focus

Child taking photo in forest

The “Parks in Focus” program created by the Udall Foundation  brings  youth  from  Boys  &  Girls  Clubs across Western Montana, a region rich in public lands and resources, to Glacier National Park for a week of camping, hiking and environmental education, anchored by a thematic focus on photography techniques and its application as a tool for conservation.

Nature photography and a week-long immersion in the park invites this diverse cohort of young stewards to gain familiarity with ecological relationships and wilderness skills, acting as a ballast against the challenges and hardships they may be facing. Participants in these programs learn far more than photography skills and ecology; through experiential learning opportunities around Apgar campground, students become comfortable and accountable in the outdoors, a vital step in the continuity of public lands and national parks throughout their lifetimes.

This special program will host 24 middle school youth for 50 hours of program knowledge, skills and engagement in partnership with the park, the Glacier Institute, and the Boys & Girls Clubs.


Foto: Parks In Focus


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July 11, 2017