Providing Access for All at Many Glacier’s Swiftcurrent Lake Trail

The 2.5 mile Swiftcurrent Lake Trail in the popular Many Glacier Valley not only has spectacular views, but has minimal grade variance and can be accessed from the Many Glacier Hotel as well as the Grinnell picnic area. These attributes make it a great choice as an accessible trail. In 2011 the first 1,300 feet leaving the Grinnell picnic area were made accessible. The second phase is set to take place August of 2016 by making the first 1,400 feet from the hotel along the east shore accessible.  This project then, will be the third phase and continues along the east shore of Swiftcurrent Lake.

The biggest challenge in the past has been sustainability of the accessible tread itself. After considerable market research, native material-based products have been located that provide a great accessible surface, are environmentally friendly, and have excellent longevity and ease of maintenance.

Though trail locations and transportation of materials make these type of projects expensive and labor intensive, these projects set the stage for eventual continuation around the entire Swiftcurrent Lake.

The long-term intent would connect the eventual accessibility of Swiftcurrent Lake Trail with the boat dock located at the north end of Josephine Lake.



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July 19, 2016