Restore Grinnell Glacier Picnic Area

Grinnell Glacier Trail

This project is fully funded thanks to Dean Robbins.

As park visitation increases, a growing number of hikers are visiting Grinnell Glacier. The Grinnell Glacier picnic area is a logical stopping point for those who do not want to go further, those needing a break, or for picnicking. This project is located in a subalpine environment at approximately 6500 feet, and is snow-covered, frigid and wind-blasted for up to nine months of the year.

Due to the popularity of this trail and picnic area during the summer months, the resources have been greatly impacted by pedestrian travel throughout the site, particularly to the fragile vegetation in the area. A large number of social trails in this area have been created due to the confusion as to where the outhouses are and where the main trail is located.

This project will create directional signage for hikers, rehabilitate those areas that are becoming heavily impacted by pedestrian traffic, and delineate main trails for visitor use while restoring the vegetation in impacted areas around the Grinnell Picnic area.


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July 6, 2017