Summer Youth Engagement Initiative

Kids taking junior ranger pledge at Apgar Visitor Center

This project is partially funded. $28,100 is still needed to fund this project in full.

This project takes a multifaceted approach to engaging youth, providing hands-on experience and forging connections with the natural world during the summer on the park’s west side. The program integrates formal children’s programs and activities, junior ranger program support, and a children’s campground lending library.

The teacher-ranger-teacher program provides an important professional development opportunity for local teachers during the summer months while providing skilled staff members in the park to provide youth programs.

Number of children and family members who visit the Apgar Nature Center each year: 10,000

Number of formal children’s programs: 80

Number of reader junior ranger booklets printed: 34,000

Number of pre-reader junior ranger booklets printed: 11,000

Number of junior ranger badges printed: 24,000


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July 6, 2017