Young Scholar Research Fellowships

Scientists measuring the terminus of Grinnell Glacier

Park managers have identified a long list of priority research needs, with far more needs than can ever be addressed with internal NPS funding sources. The park relies heavily on research scientists from universities and other research agencies to provide data to improve decision-making for the management of park resources.

Fully funding new research projects is often a costly endeavor. This project is a creative solution to economically meet many of the park’s research needs by providing seed money in the form of student fellowships to attract graduate and superior upper division undergraduate students to conduct their research projects in Glacier, selecting their project ideas from the research needs list and developing them with the support of a park manager.

With this funding a new fellowship opportunity, entitled The Glacier National Park Conservancy Research Fellowship, would support research by students from schools affiliated with the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (RMCESU). Projects may address either natural or cultural resource issues or social science that informs resource management about park resources. Fellowships would be awarded in the range of $3,000-$5,000 per project, and up to five projects would be supported with this funding.

Students are expected to provide a final project report and copies of any publications resulting from the research. In addition, they will prepare a one-page, illustrated project summary suitable for the general public, and an additional educational product to facilitate information transfer beyond the scientific audience.


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July 11, 2017