2020 Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted in our photo contest. We were so impressed with all the photos we received! The Glacier Conservancy works to preserve and protect Glacier National Park for future generations. As you can see in these photos, you truly show your love for Glacier and help make this important work happen. 

First place

Three mountain goats are perched on a cliff ledge with a snowy mountain in the background.

Grinnell Goats by Brady Jochim

Second place

Starry sky with comet above mountains reflecting on Lake McDonald.

Comet Neowise by Ryan Hanson

Third place

Mount Saint Nicholas is covered with snow with alpenglow and a pink and purple sky.

Mt. Saint Nicholas by Mark Norton

Menciones honoríficas

Glacier National Park entrance sign in fall with yellow trees lining the sides of the road.

West Entrance by Taylor Durham

Looking down at Grinnell Glacier with moon in the sky at sunset.

Grinnell Glacier Overlook by Mark Norton

Grizzly bear walking through grass and purple and white wildflowers.

Grizzly Siyeh by Shane Kolinski

Snow-capped mountains in background with bright fall colored trees reflecting onto river.

Autumn Middle Fork by Richard Ostrem

View of Cracker Lake from mountain ridge dusted with snow.

Skyline Experience 2019 by Rares Dominte

Man standing on trail near lake with snowy mountains in the background.

Hiking Grinnell Glacier Trail by Karen Peron

Burnt trees with snow on branches against a bright blue sky.

Mt. Brown Trail by Candice Nadasi

A marmot is sitting in a meadow of wildflowers with its mouth open and is about to take a bite out of a leaf.

Marmot Eating Flower Leaves by Karen Peron

Dramatic sunlit clouds rise in vertical columns above Haystack Butte.

Going-to-the-Sun by Gabe Brodowy

Cotton candy pink clouds rise above the mountains surrounding St.Mary Lake.

St. Mary Lake at Sunset by Bill Boehm