2022 Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted in our photo contest. We were so impressed with all the photos we received! The Glacier Conservancy works to preserve and protect Glacier National Park for future generations. As you can see in these photos, you truly show your love for Glacier and help make this important work happen. 

Primer Lugar

Two rams bowing heads together.

Aurora over Lake McDonald by Jordan Lefler

Segundo Lugar

Milky Way behind a mountain.

Milky Way over Bearhat Mountain by Geoffrey Prior

Tercer Lugar

A bear and its cub touching noses with a lake and mountains in the background.

Motherly Love by Seth Anderson

Menciones honoríficas

Hiker looking at mountains and lake in the distance.

Hiking Scenic Point by Cole Penner

A fox standing on a log.

Fox along Lakeshore by Christopher Edmunds

Sculpture of a teepee with mountains and sunset in the background.

Sunset on the Blackfeet Reservation by April Espinoza

Two rams bowing heads together.

Ram by Sam Davis

A moose in water shaking it's head with with water drops spiraling in the air.

Momma Moose by Randall Reed

An ice skater in the middle of a big lake with alpenglow on snowy mountains in the background.

Ice Skating on Lake McDonald at Sunset by Eric Fellegy

Two mountain goats standing on cliffs and touching noses.

Mother’s Guidance by DeeDee Dalke

A glacier on a mountain with a sunset in the background.

Summer Solstice Sunset by David Janssen

Sunrise on mountain peaks and lake with smoky clouds in the background.

Sunrise over Hidden Lake by Jason Weiss

A pika standing on a rock with its mouth full of plants.

Max Capacity by Kyle Crawford