Remembering Chris Milisci

Thank you for your support and preserving Glacier National Park for generations to come. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Glacier National Park Conservancy have purchased a grove of 20 trees to be planted in Glacier National Park, dedicated to the memory of Chris Milisci. Chris was a great guy and family man, an entrepreneur and an outdoor enthusiast who spent summers in Whitefish. Chris, along with his wife Abbie (a former Conservancy Board member), loved the Park and have been long time supporters of preserving Glacier’s pristine ecology for generations to come. We hope this grove will continue Chris and Abbie’s wonderful connection to the Park and create a special connection for their three children.

This grove of remembrance will be planted as a part of the Native Plant Nursery’s efforts to grow and restore native plants and trees in disturbed areas of the Park, to maintain biodiversity and genetic integrity.