The Hidden World of Nighttime Pollinators

Moths and other insects gather on a white sheet during the Nocturnal Pollinators Bioblitz. Glacier National Park teems with life, much of which we seldom see, especially once the sun sets. Among these nocturnal wonders are some of the park’s most important...

Astronomy in Glacier

Visitors look through a telescope during an astronomy program at the Dusty Star Observatory. Glacier National Park is a special place for so many reasons: towering mountains, pristine waters, wondrous wildlife, and human history. But sitting in the parking lot of the...

Framing the Future: Empowering Youth through Photography

We’re all familiar with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but this past summer eleven middle school students got to learn what it means firsthand. This experience came from Glacier in Focus, a five day program hosted by The Glacier Institute.

Cultivating Connections: How Partnerships Power Glacier’s Ranger-Led Education Program

Have you ever thought about what it takes to run a National Park? Supporting public lands takes a village. That is why the National Park Service relies on their partners to help fill in the gaps. For Glacier National Park, that’s the Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates, the Glacier Institute, and the Glacier Conservancy.

Our Favorite Huckleberry Recipes

Shake up your menu with some Glacier-inspired recipes featuring our favorite huckleberry sets! When you buy your huckleberry set from, 100% of proceeds go back to preserving and protecting Glacier National Park.Ingredients 1 tube sugar cookie dough 8...

A Glimpse into the World of Harlequin Ducks

Biologists have documented declines and distribution shifts of harlequin ducks and other birds throughout their ranges.

Employee Feature: Mary Kate

My favorite night happened late into September — I had just fallen asleep when the sound of my roommates whispering down the stairs woke me up. They called my name, telling me to come out onto the porch between fits of giggles. I bundled up as quickly as I could, wrapping myself in a blanket and hustling out to meet them.

Preserving an Icon: Monitoring Water Quality in Lake McDonald

For many visitors, Lake McDonald serves as a welcome to Glacier National Park – and what a welcome it is. At just over 10 miles long and 464 feet deep, Lake McDonald is both Glacier’s longest and deepest lake.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Stuff

With so much great gear benefiting the park, it can be tough to choose the perfect items from the Glacier Conservancy Park Store. We've narrowed it down to some of our personal top picks so you can find your faves!Staff PicksColorful Wildflower Hydro Flask  “This...

Protecting Native Fish in Glacier

Glacier National Park is well known for its stunning vistas, iconic megafauna, and pristine waters – but beneath the surface lies a hidden world locked in a perilous balance. Glacier is home to dwindling populations of westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout, which face the ever-looming threat of extirpation (local extinction) due, in large part, to competition with invasive species.

Unraveling the Mystery of Golden Eagle Nests

A juvenile eagle spreads its wings. Photo by BJ Worth - In Glacier National Park, where the air is crisp and the mountains are steep, a remarkable bird can be found soaring on thermals across the expanse of blue sky. The golden eagle is a giant of...

A Keystone Species Comes Home

“These prairies now seem bare of life, but it was not always so. Not very long ago, they were trodden by multitudinous herds of buffalo and antelope; then, along the wooded river valleys and on the pine-clad slopes of the mountains, elk, deer, and wild sheep fed in...

Keeping our Wild Rivers Wild

A calm spring morning on the Flathead River. If you’ve visited Glacier National Park, you have probably noticed the pristine water of the Three Forks of the Flathead. But there may be more river than you realize! Did you know that 100 miles of the Flathead River...

The Incredible Link Between Glacier Grizzlies and Moths

Photo from the study of a bear digging for moths. Fleeing moths are circled in yellow.Each summer, a peculiar feast takes place high in the mountains of Glacier National Park. You usually hear it before you see it—the clinking of small rocks as heavy paws dig into...

5 Ways to Celebrate National Park Week

Photo by Sally Lombards National Park Week is here! This week is all about celebrating some of our favorite places where lifelong memories get made. We know this time of year looks a little different for everyone depending on where you are geographically, so we wanted...

Lynx Study Published

You might remember that 2019 was the Glacier Conservancy ‘Year of the Lynx.’ Now, in 2023, and we know more than ever about this elusive creature's activity in the Crown of the Continent. Over the past three years, researchers have dedicated their expertise to...

Protecting Wildlife from Disease

One of the most unique experiences available to Glacier visitors is the chance to view an intact ecosystem full of wild and untamed animals. Glacier’s majestic megafauna are a special resource that we can never take for granted, and an intact ecosystem is not something that merely happens—it requires the tireless work of park biologists to protect the habitat and safety of these creatures.

Piikuni Lands Corps Builds Connections and Skills

This summer marked the triumphant return of the Piikuni Lands Service Corps (PLSC), on hiatus the last few years due to the pandemic. The program, which engages Blackfeet youth and young adults in paid conservation work, reached an important milestone this year: for the first time, the crew was fully led and managed by Blackfeet staff.

Historic Photos Bring Going-to-the-Sun Road Construction to Life

Glacier National Park’s archives contain a wealth of fascinating materials and valuable historic documents, but with no park museum to display historic artifacts, documents, and photos, few people laid eyes on these incredible resources. A major digitization effort in Glacier’s archives is changing that—and so far, the results are amazing!

Last Minute Gifts

Last minute gifts for the Glacier lover in your life!

Interview with Anderson Design Group

Anderson Design Group's Glacier Posters Note from Anderson Design Group: As artists and wilderness explorers, our passion is to venture into our beloved 63 American National Parks, photograph and document these wonderful natural places, and share our enthusiasm for...

NPS Academy Internship Makes Glacier Careers Accessible for All

A new internship program is introducing participants from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the National Park Service to career opportunities at Glacier. This was no typical internship: ACE, the American Conservation Experience, has an innovative and immersive new training program to kindle passion and curiosity for NPS careers and build critical career skills. The training program, called the NPS Academy, is hosted at Grand Teton National Park. In March, the cohort of interns spends a week at the Academy building skills and making connections that will serve their future careers.

Gift Guides

We are all far too familiar with the feeling: you find what is sure to be the perfect present for [insert guy in your life here] and then you learn they already have what you had in mind and it's back to the drawing board. We have a perfectly curated list of gifts for...

Partner Spotlight: Iron Shield Creative

We recently met up with our partners from Iron Shield Creative, Lailani Upham and Carrie Lynn Bear Chief by Two Medicine Lake to talk about their work, why they love Glacier, and how you can get involved.

Current Conditions

Park Information

Visit the official Glacier National Park Website or view days and hours of Visitor Centers.

Reach the park at (406) 888-7800. Phones are generally staffed Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm.

Parking & Road Conditions

Road conditions in Glacier can change quickly. Before you set out, check the current road conditions.

Get up to date parking and road status updates on the park’s Twitter feed.

The park spends months in the spring plowing the Going to the Sun Road and other roads throughout the park. Check on the plow status or see the latest photos from the road crew.


Webcams are located throughout the park to help you plan for the current conditions.

Helpful Planning Tools


If you’re traveling to the area without a vehicle, or just want to let someone else do the driving and avoid looking for a parking space on a busy day, there are plenty of options.

Once you arrive at either the Apgar Visitor Center on the west side or the St. Mary Visitor Center on the east side, you can take the free Going-to-the-Sun Road Shuttle from July 1 through Labor Day, or take a tour on a red bus or with Sun Tours.

Park Express Shuttle: Runs from Whitefish to the Apgar Visitor Center four times daily.

East Side Shuttle: Runs between Glacier Park Lodge, Two Medicine, and St. Mary Lodge. From St. Mary Lodge, you can transfer to the free park shuttle on the Going-to-the-Sun Road or transfer to a Xanterra shuttle to visit Many Glacier.

By bicycle:  Park your car at Glacier Guides in West Glacier and rent a bicycle to ride the 1.5-mile bicycle trail (all downhill!) to the Apgar Visitor Center. It’s also half the cost to enter the park on bike or foot than in a vehicle.

Once in the park, there are two guided tour bus options in addition to the free shuttle. Both companies also offer pickup locations outside the park gates.

Red Bus Tours with Xanterra
Blackfeet Interpretive Tours with Sun Tours