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Pierce Martin

Current Book

Tuesday, October 6, 6:30PM MT

The Wild Inside

About The Book: A haunting crime novel set in Glacier National Park about a man who finds himself at odds with the dark heart of the wild – and the even darker heart of human nature.

It was a clear night in Glacier National Park. Fourteen-year-old Ted Systead and his father were camping beneath the rugged peaks and starlit skies when something unimaginable happened: a grizzly bear attacked Ted’s father and dragged him to his death. Now, twenty years later, as Special Agent for the Department of the Interior, Ted gets called back to investigate a crime that mirrors the horror of that night. Except this time, the victim was tied to a tree before the mauling. Ted teams up with one of the park officers – a man named Monty, whose pleasant exterior masks an all-too-vivid knowledge of the hazardous terrain surrounding them. Residents of the area turn out to be suspicious of outsiders and less than forthcoming. Their intimate connection to the wild forces them to confront nature, and their fellow man, with equal measures of reverence and ruthlessness.

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Upcoming Books

Tuesday, November 17, 6:30PM MT

The Wonder of Birds

About The Book: A fascinating investigation into the miraculous world of birds and the powerful – and surprising – ways they enrich our lives and sustain the planet.

Our relationship to birds is different from our relationship to any other wild creatures. They are found virtually everywhere and we love to watch them, listen to them, keep them as pets, wear their feathers, even converse with them. Birds, Jim Robbins posits, are our most vital connection to nature. They compel us to look to the skies, both literally and metaphorically; draw us out into nature to seek their beauty; and let us experience vicariously what it is like to be weightless. Birds have helped us in so many of our human endeavors: learning to fly, providing clothing and food, and helping us better understand the human brain and body. And they even have much to teach us about being human in the natural world.

Join Executive Director, Doug Mitchell, on Zoom and have a discussion with Jim Robbins about his book, The Wonder of Birds. Registration opens Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Tuesday, December 15, 6:30PM MT

A Culmination of Giants

About The Book: Bristol takes readers on a journey through the history of Glacier National Park, beginning over a billion years ago from the formation of the Belt Sea, to the present day climate-changing extinction of the very glaciers that sculpted most of the wonders of its landscapes. He delves into the ways in which this area of Montana seemed to have been preparing itself for the coming of humankind through a series of landmass adjustments like the Lewis Overthrust and the ice ages that came and went.

First there were tribes of Native Americans whose deep regard for nature left the landscape intact. They were followed by Euro-American explorers and settlers who may have been awed by the new lands, but began to move wildlife to near extinction. Fortunately for the area that would become Glacier, some began to recognize that laying siege to nature and its bounties would lead to wastelands.

Join Executive Director, Doug Mitchell, on Zoom and have a discussion with George Bristol about his book, A Culmination of Giants. Registration opens Monday, November 16, 2020.

Past Books

September 2020

The Wolverine Way

About The Book: This enigmatic animal is more complex than the myths that surround it. With a shrinking wilderness and global warming, the future of the wolverine is uncertain. The Wolverine Way reveals the fascinating natural history of the wolverine and the habitat threats that face them. Engagingly told by Douglas Chadwick, volunteer with the Glacier Wolverine Project, the project, a five-year study of the wolverines in Montana’s Glacier National Park – reveals key missing information about the wolverine’s habitat, social structure and reproduction habits. Wolverines, according to Chadwick, are the land equivalent of polar bears in regards to the impacts of global warming. The plight of wolverines adds to the call for wildlife corridors that connect existing habitat that is proposed by the Freedom to Roam coalition.

Watch the Zoom book club discussion with author Doug Chadwick here.

August 2020

Political Hell-Raiser: The Life and Times of Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana

About The Book: Burton K. Wheeler (1882-1975) may have been the most powerful politician Montana ever produced, and he was one of the most influential – and controversial – members of the United States Senate during three of the most eventful decades in American history. Johnson provides the most thorough telling of Wheeler’s entire career, including all its accomplishments and contradictions, as well as the political storms that the senator both encouraged and endured. The book convincingly establishes the place and importance of this principled hell-raiser in American political history.

Watch the Zoom book club discussion with author Marc C. Johnson here.

July 2020

The father of Glacier national Park

About The Book: George Bird Grinnell was a prolific writer and record-keeper. After a long day’s hunt or exploration, he diligently made time in camp for meticulous journal entries. With his small group of explorers, he discovered and named forty geological features east of the Continental Divide and west of the Blackfeet Reservation. As a result, he wrote a series of articles about his trips from 1885 to 1898 for publication in Forest and Stream. In 1891, he began advocating to protect the area as a national park and led that charge for nearly two decades until successful. His discoveries, publications and leadership led to the creation of Glacier National Park. Cousin Hugh Grinnell compiles first-person narratives from unpublished journal entries, personal correspondence and dozens of articles to tell the early story of Glacier.

Watch the Zoom book club discussion with author Hugh Grinnell here.

May 2020

A Woman’s Way West

About The Book: A Woman’s Way West is centered around Fraley’s wife’s great-aunt Doris, who moved to Glacier and met her husband, Dan Huffine, in 1925 and were one of the first rangers to occupy the Cut Bank Ranger Station. They drove the classic Glacier Park tour buses, were backcountry rangers and cooked for the crews that surveyed the engineering marvel of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. They were an eccentric couple that shared a great love of the outdoors and of Glacier.

Watch the Zoom book club discussion with author John Fraley here.