Reconstruction of Hidden Lake Trail at Logan Pass

Glacier National Park’s Hidden Lake Trail traverses some of the park’s most spectacular yet fragile alpine meadows. The section of trail from Hidden Lake Overlook to Hidden Lake is becoming increasingly difficult to traverse for visitors and park staff due to lack of maintenance, increased visitor use, and erosion. This project will address reconstructing sections of the last mile of trail to the lake, allowing for trail access earlier and later in the short season as well as avoiding the outlet of the lake where grizzly bears feed on cutthroat trout, which currently requires trail closures. This will be a two-year project with the rerouting of the trail near the lake completed in the first summer and then reconstructing the upper switchbacks in the second summer. There will also be restoration work in this fragile alpine environment. This project not only helps to provide for safer public use, but also helps to protect the unique habitat surrounding the trail.


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June 30, 2015