Photo: NPS

Next time you’re in West Glacier, you may notice a recent upgrade at Glacier National Park’s Headquarters building: a brand new rooftop solar system.

The headquarters building is the hub of Glacier’s operations, housing park leadership offices and providing year-round visitor information.

As Glacier expands its commitment to renewable energy and a more sustainable future, adding solar panels to the park headquarters building is a huge step forward. This project will take the headquarters building off the grid, freeing up those resources for other critical park needs.

This project is made possible thanks to very generous support from Everybody Solar and The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation.

Committing to Renewable Energy

Glacier National Park prides itself in limiting consumption of nonrenewable resources, like oil and coal, in favor of more renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric and photovoltaic (solar) power.

In addition to the new solar system at park headquarters, solar arrays help provide electricity in other facilities throughout the park, including Logan Pass Visitor Center, Apgar Visitor Center, and the Polebridge Ranger Station.

A person on a machine placing solar panels on top of a building.

Solar panels are installed on the rooftop of Glacier National Park’s Headquarters building.

Photo: NPS

Glacier’s Sustainability Plan

Learn more about Glacier’s sustainability plan, and how these projects are establishing Glacier as a leader in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

By working together, Glacier’s staff, partners, and visitors can all help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and preserve the park for generations to come.

Solar panels are installed on the rooftop of Glacier National Park's Headquarters building

Photo: NPS

Your Support Makes a Difference

These projects and many other critical projects would not be possible without your donations to the Glacier Conservancy.

Learn more about how your support is making other preservation projects possible in Glacier National Park!