Stars Above Earth Below

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Stars Above, Earth Below uses photographs and sky charts to form a connection between what is seen on the ground and in the sky, and looks at the deeper scientific meaning behind these sights.  Nordgren describes other objects in the Solar System with features similar to those on Earth and links the geological features seen in the national parks to the very latest NASA spacecraft discoveries on other planets and their moons.  Additionally, historical context is discussed to show why we humans (who have lived in and around our national parts for tens of thousands of years) have always been astronomers.

The first book to make direct connections between astronomy and the landscapes, processes and cultures one experiences in the US National Parks

Each chapter ties a specific astronomical phenomenon to a particular National Park or type of park and concludes with a “See for yourself” section that shows you how to see the planets, stars, nebulae, moons, etc. that are described within that chapter

A personal guide showing the reader the astronomical phenomena that you can see for yourself when visiting the U.S. National Parks.

444 pages

Author Tyler Nordgren