Glacier Photo Contest

Below are the 2023 winners of the Glacier Photo Contest.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and voted.

James Hayne

First Place

A fire lookout with a person standing outside.

Sunset at Swiftcurrent Lookout by Jordan Lefler

Second Place

Fresh snow on mountain peaks.

Dawn Glow on the Peaks of Glacier by Jason Weiss

Third Place

Wildflowers blooming with a lake and mountains in the background.

Wildflowers and Iceberg Lake by Alex Nadasi

Honorable Mention

A pika standing on a rock.

Pika by Jeff Jones

A bull moose standing in a lake.

 Large Bull Moose by Dave Harriman

Sunset on a lake with snow.

Winter Sunset over Lake McDonald by Steve Owen

Panorama of mountains and lakes.

Morning Light over Many Glacier by Jason Weiss

A mountain goat and a kid sitting on a rock.

Mountain Goats near Logan Pass by Dave Hopkins

A snowy mountain with trees in the foreground.

Mount Saint Nicholas by Jonathan Kiraly

A grizzly bear with a marmot in its mouth and two cubs running.

Momma Bear Caught a Marmot by Dorie Downs

A mountain goat standing in front of a mountain.

Mountain Goat in front of Bearhat Mountain by Jordan Lefler

Clouds on top of a mountain with fog on a lake in the foreground.

Lake Josephine Sunrise by Beth Hibschman

Orange sunset behind mountains.

Last Light on the Mountains of Glacier by Stephen Moehle

2023 Photo Entries

We receive thousands of stunning photo submissions and while we can’t share all of them with you, there are several you can view on Flickr. Please remember any usage request should be directed to the individual photographer. Please contact us with any questions:

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Submissions: September 29 until November 2, 2023 10:00 PM MST

Voting:  Early November – November 30, 2023 10:00 PM MST

Winners Announced: December 2023



Photographs will be anonymously judged based on composition, artistry, and originality by Glacier Conservancy staff. The top finalists will be voted on by the public. Winners will be announced in December 2023.


First Place

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Second Place

Glacier National Park Hydro Flask

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Third Place

Glacier Conservancy Pottery Mug

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Top Thirteen Finalists

2025 Glacier Wall Calendar

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