Support the Sperry Chalet

The Sperry Action Fund has been established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to work at the chalet.

Sperry Chalet is an iconic piece of Glacier National Park’s history.  We have been working with Superintendent Jeff Mow since the morning after the fire to offer support and assistance, as part of our mission to preserve and protect the park for future generations.

An initial emergency fund of $90,000 was established and as of September 28, an additional $16,200 was requested to fund the following:

  • We have hired DCI + BCE Engineers, the same firm that consulted on repairs to the chalet after it was damaged by an avalanche in 2011, to assess the integrity of the remaining structure and recommend stabilization actions to protect the remains through the winter;
  • will purchase the necessary materials for stabilization including transportation to the site;
  • complete stabilization of Sperry Chalet before the onset of winter.

The Sperry Action Fund is in addition to the more than 50 projects and programs the park has requested funding for in the coming year, and your support, along with our partnership with the park allows for a quick response to unanticipated and urgent situations like this. When time is of the essence, private philanthropy allows us to react immediately to critical park needs.

All donations to this fund will be reserved for projects related to the Sperry Chalet complex.

Donate to the Sperry Action Fund:

More photos from the structural assessment can be found here.