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A man posing in front of a forest.

March 2023

An Evening with Superintendent Dave Roemer

Details: Get Dave’s take on his first nine months at Glacier, upcoming Conservancy funded projects and Glacier’s future.

Jake Bramante smiles while holding a few copies of his map, Day Hikes In Glacier

May 2021

An Evening with Jake Bramante of Hike734

Details: Ten years ago Jake Bramante started out on an amazing adventure that would see him become the first person to hike all 734 miles of trails in Glacier in one year, and through the publication of his iconic map, Day Hikes In Glacier, change the way visitors experience day hiking in Glacier National Park.

Watch the Zoom discussion with Jake Bramante here.

Superintendent Jeff Mow

November 2020

An Evening with Superintendent jeff Mow

Details: Get Jeff’s take on the unprecedented summer of 2020, and share in a conversation about Glacier’s future.

Watch the Zoom discussion with Superintendent Jeff Mow here.

Silhouette of person looking at milky way with mountains in the background.

October 2020

Explore Deep Space

Details: Join Astronomy Ranger Lee Rademaker to learn about Glacier National Park’s dark sky programming and see photos from the new Dusty Star Observatory – made possible through private contributions to the Glacier Conservancy.

Watch the Zoom discussion with Ranger Lee Rademaker here.

Rose Bear Don't Walk standing in front of an alpine lake with mountains in background.

September 2020

Rose Bear Don’t Walk

Details: Rose Bear Don’t Walk hosts a conversation about her path to becoming a Native America Speaks presenter, her work as an ethnobotanist and educator, and the important role of new generational and cultural voices in the work of protecting Glacier National Park.

Watch the Zoom discussion with Rose Bear Don’t Walk here.

Lynx walking on trail.

August 2020

An Insider View to Glacier’s Lynx Research Project

Details: See never-before-seen photographs and hear about the landmark three-year study, currently in its second year with lead researcher Alissa Anderson of Washington State University.

Watch the Zoom discussion with Alissa Anderson here.