Bringing Solar Power to the North Fork Ranger District

Currently, the North Fork Ranger District is powered by two propane generators that run twenty-four hours a day, all year long. Park staff live and patrol the North Fork District all year in order to protect and monitor park resources, make visitor contacts and maintain facilities. The remoteness of the ranger station limits how electricity is generated.

A sustainable, alternative power source will greatly improve the efficiency of operations, and decrease the carbon footprint of the constantly running generators. Specifically, a solar electrical system with battery storage would decrease fuel use, greenhouse gas production and noise by 66% from the current system. This project would fund three pole-mounted solar arrays with 36 panels each, connected to a new battery bank that will store roughly three days of power for the ranger compound. The existing propane generators would remain as backup to the new solar system.

The reduction in noise will benefit park residents, visitors and the local community by providing a more natural outdoor experience.


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July 18, 2016