Connecting the Next Generation of Park Stewards to Glacier


The need to connect today’s youth with the outdoors and the natural resources of public lands is considered one of the top five critical issues facing the National Park Service.  This program will fund stipends for two local teachers to spend their summers teaching 10,000 kids and their families within the park.  In the fall, they will take their training and experience back to their classrooms to be integrated into their curriculum. This program, referred to as Teacher-Ranger- Teacher, is a win-win for Glacier and the local school community.   It provides a meaningful professional development opportunity for teachers and provides the park with skilled staff to offer youth-based programming both within the park and in local classrooms.  

To support the program, this grant will also expand the Junior Ranger program, a national program designed to engage youth in the parks.  Included in the expansion of this program will be the development of children’s lending libraries in two campgrounds, as well as an interactive display and awards station intended to reach more diverse young audiences.  If funding for this project is not secured, formal children’s programs will not be available resulting in decreased opportunities for youth engagement and a reduction in the number and quality of visitor services.


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July 19, 2016