Connecting People to Park History

Glacier National Park’s archive has tens of thousands of photos and documents in its care. One of the major challenges the park faces is how to best share these unique historic items with the general public. An onsite visit to the park’s archives will always be the primary means by which historians, writers, and other scholarly researchers will delve into the rich historical record the park maintains, but for those unable to visit in person, online archive access will be invaluable. There are very few historic photographs or documents available online at present. A few have been posted on Flickr, but without any embedded metadata or adequate identification, it is difficult to find specific images.

This project will support the park’s museum curator and a temporary archives technician to create a plan for transforming the museum program from a solely traditional onsite operation to include a more robust online collection. Once complete, these photos and documents will be available not only to the general public, but to NPS interpreters, educational staff and others to enliven the programs presented to park visitors.


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June 30, 2015