Help Glacier National Park Become a Leader in Sustainability for the Flathead Valley & Beyond

Glacier National Park has served as the “poster child” for warning of the impacts of climate change, because of it’s disappearing Glaciers, and yet the Park itself (and the surrounding communities) have not been able to meet the expectations of visitors when it comes to sustainability and green/eco practices.

This funding will allow the park to begin to pursue the many green initiatives that Glacier has identified, to help us create a greener, more environmentally friendly park. It will also allow the park to work collaboratively with sustainability partners in the Flathead Valley to coordinate best practices and combine efforts.

The National Park Service has a crucial role in demonstrating best practices in conservation and sustainability. The park will work with the Glacier Gateway Climate Solutions Partnership, made up of individuals, municipalities, federal agencies and businesses within the Flathead Valley who are committed to improving sustainability practices and opportunities in our local community and beyond.

A Sustainability Coordinator position will be dedicated to identifying park needs, look for opportunities to combine efforts and to educate the public on ways that sustainability investments can reduce overall operational costs and improve operational effectiveness. This position will help turn the focus of investment opportunities toward reducing operational costs, ultimately reducing environmental impacts of the park and businesses throughout the Glacier community.

This project has been accepted for the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Great Fish Challenge. If you wish to support this project, please visit and donate directly to the Whitefish Community Foundation on behalf of the Glacier Conservancy prior to September 16.


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July 18, 2016