Implementing Waterton-Glacier International Dark Sky Designation

In 2016, the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park will receive provisional status as the world’s first International Transboundary Dark Sky Preserve – a recognition three years in the making. The International Dark Sky Association will remove the provisional status once the two parks attain approximately 64% compliance with night-sky friendly light fixtures in each park.

This project will replace approximately 200 non-dark-sky compliant lighting fixtures in Glacier with approved lighting. These fixtures promote a healthy night environment for the park’s numerous nocturnal species, provide a better visitor experience, protect the dark night sky resource, and provide a safer park by controlling glare and directing lighting where it best serves its purpose instead of directing it up into the night sky.

The replacement of current fixtures will also support the efforts of existing dark-sky programming by further improving the dark night sky views that visitors see during night-sky events.


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July 18, 2016