Increasing Accessibility at Avalanche Campground

The Glacier National Park Conservancy provided the funding and in-kind support to establish the Trail of the Cedars as one of the park’s premier family friendly and accessible trails in Glacier. This trail was one of the first accessible trails completed by the National Park Service. Originally established in the 1930s as a gravel-surfaced nature trail, the now fully accessible trail will be rehabilitated in the fall of 2015. The next phase to truly make this trail accessible and available to every visitor to Glacier is to improve the restroom facilities. This project will rehabilitate the historic comfort station and make it usable for all visitors on the trail and in the campground.

The project will include all new bathroom fixtures, a new roof, paint and upgraded paths to and from the comfort stations. The new plumbing systems will meet the latest water conservation standards. Side windows and solar tubes will improve the lighting in an area of the park that does not have electricity. Re-vegetation with native plant species will be planted from the park’s native plant nursery. This project will significantly improve the visitor experience at the Trail of the Cedars and ensure that the trail is truly accessible to everyone who visits.


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September 22, 2015