Installing Renewable Energy Technology at Logan Pass

Improving the electrical system at the Logan Pass visitor center, one of the most heavily visited areas in the park, will help reduce sound pollution and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable energy options in every area of the park.

This visitor center and associated buildings currently utilize electricity produced on site by internal, combustion-driven generators and photovoltaic panels. Current power demands exceed the capacity of the photovoltaic panels, subsequently needing the generators to be run much of the day. The park has made efforts to utilize quiet generators, but there still is a level of noise produced that disturbs visitors and detracts from the experience at Logan Pass.

A variety of renewable energy options have been researched including solar, water and wind power, but none are feasible due to the weather extremes and potential wildlife impact.

This project will increase the capacity of the photovoltaic system at Logan Pass and replace the internal-combustion, engine-driven generators with silent fuel-cell technology. This change also will provide for battery protection and radio operations throughout the winter months. With the current system, the batteries are completely discharged by mid- to late-January. This leaves them susceptible to damage from freezing, and the park loses communication facilitated by the Logan Pass repeater.


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July 18, 2016