Noxious Weed Control on Red Eagle Trail

Red Eagle Trail

This project is partially funded. $2,700 is still needed to fund this project in full.
Spotted knapweed is a state-listed noxious weed. Weed surveys conducted the last several years have documented an estimated six infested acres of spotted knapweed along the Red Eagle and Beaver Pond trails. Spotted knapweed has  been recorded as far up as 5 miles along the trail. There are 24 documented sites of knapweed on the Red Eagle trail and nine more on the adjacent Beaver Pond trail.

The infestations along this trail are continuing to spread further down the trail into the backcountry and it’s imperative that it not become established in the recommended wilderness. There are also other noxious weed infestations at the Red Eagle trailhead parking lot and adjacent on the trail/road up to the 1913 Ranger Station. These areas must be treated to keep the trailhead and trail corridor from becoming reinfested.


Photo: Ken Schneider


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July 6, 2017