Partners in Sustainability

Recognizing climate change as the greatest threat to our youth’s future, advocacy and action for our planet is vital. To that end, the leadership and staff at Glacier National Park are working towards zero waste sustainability principles. The Whitefish Schools’ Center for Applied Sustainability is an innovative educational center providing interdisciplinary learning experiences for students in grades K-12 with a focus on agriculture, energy, natural resources and entrepreneurship. A greenhouse with energy systems, laboratories, gardens, orchards and an experimental forest engage and empower students through real-world platforms.

This program will partner with the schools to coordinate education programs to develop ecologically literate and globally minded citizens. This partnership aims to create a model for schools and national parks across the United States.

In the first year of this partnership, an Education Program Coordinator will research, collaborate and assess the needs of both Glacier National Park and the Whitefish Schools. The coordinator will create curriculum and set future goals in the principles of sustainability, environmental education and stewardship. The coordinator will also work together with the  Climate Solutions Partnership to develop a shared sustainability plan that can be implemented by organizations throughout the Flathead Valley.


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July 18, 2016