Support and Implement Sustainability Projects in the Park and Local Communities

Shuttle Bus at Apgar Visitor Center

Glacier National Park’s melting glaciers are often held up in the media as an example of how our climate is rapidly changing, yet the park and surrounding communities have been slow to implement sustainability practices due to our remote location. The park has an important role to play in educating visitors about climate change, but still needs the resources to implement sound practices throughout the park to help improve sustainability of the operation and inspire change in the community.

This project would fund a position and use a Sustainability Plan currently being developed by an Energy Corps Sustainability intern to seek creative solutions to  implement  items  including  outreach  and  communications to park staff, partners and visitors, to raise awareness and find opportunities to work together to make Glacier a sustainability leader in the Crown of the Continent.

This position will involve outreach communication to train all staff on the importance of energy and fuel efficiency, proper waste management, green purchasing and becoming a leader in carbon footprint reduction, as well as public communication directly to hundreds of park visitors, provide training materials to park staff on interpreting climate change and sustainability to visitors, and organize a workshop with neighboring partners and businesses to identify opportunities to collaborate in sustainable community initiatives.

As Glacier asserts itself as a leader in sustainable operations and  increases  outreach  communications  on  how  partners and visitors can do their part, this role can help transform the behavior of numerous individuals who will collectively make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint.


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July 6, 2017