Trees of Remembrance

2024 Memorial Plantings Full

Our 2024 Memorial Plantings are full. We are currently booking tree planting ceremonies for the 2025 season. Single trees are still available.

The Trees of Remembrance program offers a unique opportunity to honor loved ones while supporting Glacier’s Native Plant Restoration Program. With your Trees of Remembrance donation, the recipient will receive a beautiful certificate acknowledging your gift in their honor. By supporting the memorial tree fund, not only are you giving a priceless gift to your loved one, you are also ensuring that one of the world’s most intact ecosystems remains for future generations. 



Below are some common questions regarding the Trees of Remembrance program.

Can I choose the planting location of my tree?

Areas with the highest restoration need will be prioritized for planting.  With the donation of a memorial planting of 20 or more trees, you may select the region of the park in which your memorial planting will be planted.  (Map for reference: St Mary Valley, Many Glacier Valley, McDonald Valley, North Fork Valley)

What kind of tree will be planted?

The type of tree will be determined by what is native to the region and elevation. Visit the park’s website to learn more about Glacier National Park native tree species.

Can I participate in the planting?

Donations of a memorial planting of 20 or more trees qualify for a special planting ceremony with park staff.

When will my tree be planted?  

Trees are typically planted in the fall to ensure the highest rate of survival.  Planting in the fall gives trees adequate time to get established in their new location before enduring the hot temperatures that can occur during the summer months.

Can I mark my tree with a sign, photo or plaque?

Ecological concerns and park regulations do not allow markers or memorials.  

I am interested in spreading the ashes of my loved one during my memorial planting. Is this permitted? 

In Glacier National Park, the spreading of human ashes requires a Special Use Permit. Please visit the park’s website for more information about this process.

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