A Glacier Experience for Every Area Student

Glacier National Park offers a series of education programs for students of all grade levels. Carefully aligned with state and national standards, these opportunities seamlessly connect classroom learning with hands-on discovery in the park while helping local students form lasting bonds with the park. From Winter Ecology on Snowshoes to first grade’s Wild Animals, Wild Places, teachers begin signing up at least a year in advance to bring their classes to the park.

Education programs in Glacier have always been a partnership effort, and receive relatively little federal funding. This project will continue K-12 formal education programs in the park for over 8,000 students in the coming year and expand online lesson options for teachers to use in preparation for or following a Glacier visit. The project would also support education trunks program, which brings hands-on materials to support lessons in classrooms across the region.

In addition to these programs and materials, the project would support four college age education interns, who will learn about environmental education, facilitate many school field trips and explore their own careers as environmental educators.


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June 30, 2015