Did you get to watch the incredible sunrise in Glacier National Park this morning? Whether you’re physically in the park or not, you can experience amazing moments like this via the park’s webcams.

Your support of the Glacier Conservancy has funded several new pan/tilt/zoom webcams throughout the park, providing views of the diverse landscapes found throughout Glacier.

Visit Glacier Virtually From Anywhere

Thanks to your support, visitors from all over the world can experience the wonder of Glacier. Park visitor, Allan Cameron, puts it best:

“I’m from Sydney, Australia, and visited magnificent Glacier National Park in the summer of 2011. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, now I visit it everyday.”

Wildlife Sightings

In addition to revealing Glacier’s incredible views, the park’s webcams also provide a glimpse into a wide range of wildlife activities. For visitors, this means getting to see some of the park’s big game safely and remotely.

Perhaps most notably, in 2018, a livestream of a black bear denning in a cottonwood tree in the park captivated hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world and made national headlines. Through the park’s webcams, visitors have also witnessed bears crossing the parking lot at Logan Pass, elk migrating in St. Mary, and bighorn sheep navigating through the Many Glacier Valley.

Seasonal Changes

During this time of year, seasonal color changes are especially beautiful to witness as the park’s larch trees turn a golden yellow color.

Logan Pass is also a great barometer of change in Glacier. During the summer months, visitors can witness the parking lot fill up rather quickly via the parking lot webcam. Park staff also use this webcam to monitor fill times for the parking lot, which typically reaches capacity by 8am every morning in the summer. Once Logan Pass closes for the season, however, it’s a completely different story. The alpine section of the Going-to-the-Sun Road closes for the season, and the Logan Pass parking lot becomes blanketed in snow. Visitors can then take a front row seat to watch the extreme weather conditions and occasional wildlife sightings that occur at Logan Pass throughout the winter.

Do you have a favorite experience from using the park’s webcams? Let us know in the comments below!

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